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Daypipe Red by Hamilton Devices


Daypipe Red by Hamilton Devices

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Daypipe Red by Hamilton Devices is a revolutionary dried hemp flower device.  DAYPIPE has an ingenious design that enables you to chamber and deploy 8*.2 bowls (1.6 grams total!), all while being durable and reliable.  Simply load up the ultra-portable DAYPIPE and enjoy fresh bowls all day long without any ashy messes in between sessions.

  • Colors: Red, Graphite
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Capacity: 0.2g*8(1.6 Grams Total!)
  • Size: 129.9mm(L)*23.2mm(W)*23.2mm(H)
  • Operation: Light And Inhale
  • Housing: Anodized Stainless Steel Housing

Stargatecbd.com test drove this puppy and we love it! 

  1. No more mess taking your pipe traveling with you.
  2. No more bowl smell.
  3. One of the best unique pipe designs we’ve used.
  4. We packed the chambers tight with our dried CBD Hemp Flower and were able to get 2-3 hits per chamber.
  5. Who out there hasn’t burned their finger trying to smother out a bowl . Not an issue with Daypipe simply turn the cylinder to the closed position.
  6. No more flipped over bowl with herb on the floor.
  7. Ready to light up again you can easily finish your bowl or go onto a new chamber.
  8. This is a solid piece of equipment.
  9. We found the Daypipe easy to clean with the included cleaning tool.
  10. This device is totally GREEN no batteries, and nothing to replace.  Except your flower.

Daypipe Red by Hamilton Devices

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Hamilton Devices

Weight 7.6 oz
Dimensions 5.11 × .913 in


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Daypipe Red by Hamilton Devices

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