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CBDism now brings you three new cutting edge formulations. You are going to love these amazingly fantastic CBDism Nano Tinctures.  Nano THCV Oil Tincture Sports. Our new favorite pre work-out tincture. Or maybe you need a pick me up during the day or in the morning instead of coffee.  Dosing is easy. Place desired amount under your tongue for 30 seconds then swallow.

If you have aches, inflammation, stress, restlessness, problems concentrating then you must try Nano CBD Water Tincture Relief.  Simply put a dropper into you’re favorite beverage or place under your tongue and feel amazing. With daily use you will be amazed at how many issue are resolved while taking CBD. 

When was the last time you had a good nights sleep?  How long has it been since you slept throught the entire night? You probably have tried other sleep remedies got a good nights sleep but woke up with a terrible hang over.  Not with CBN tinctures.  If you are struggling with sleep you must add this tincture to your wellness daily routine.  You will feel like a new person! Rested and fresh for a new and exciting day! 

Why Nano Tincture?

  1. What is different between Nano Tinctures and regular tinctures is the size of the particles.  Nano of course being smaller.
  2. The absorption rate for Nano Tinctures is 100% versus regular tinctures which clock in at 50%.   Even if you are taking a higher millagram of a regular tincture you are absorping only half the amount.  
  3. Nano CBD Tinctures work faster than regular tinctures.
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