Stimulate and Energize with Cannabinoids

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So your butt is dragging.  Low or no energy.  Get up off that couch and move.  Take a walk, a run, or just get stuff done that you’ve been slow to do.  But first try one of these excellent cannabinoid energy boosting choices. No need to worry about the jitters or foggy thinking like with to much caffeine.  THCV available in fast acting CBDism THCV Oil Tincture Sports or delcious tasting Koi THCV Gummies. Some people may experience curbed munchies.  Koi’s Delta 10 THC Gummies are also a fantasic choice.  Hey brain wake up!  Eat one of these yummy gummies and you will be ready to take on the day uplifted and with flying high motivation. 

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