Why dispose of Vape Batteries Responsibly?

So your favorite 510 thread battery or CBD vape device won’t hold a charge or is just plain dead.  Don’t just toss it into the trash.  Here’s why…

That 510 thread battery, device or any other type of battery can come into contact with other stuff in your trash, which could cause a hazardous situation.  Depending on what’s in your garbage you could potentially cause a chemical reaction resulting in a fire or explosion. 

Batteries contain one or more of the following heavy metals; cadmium, lead, zinc, manganese, nickel, silver, mercury, and lithium.

landfill photo

Don’t endanger your local sanitation crew and community.  If you’ve ever been behind a garbage truck, you know that trash  is compacted with a giant blade.  When this compacting blade comes in contact with that tossed battery it could leak or explode.  Both are incredibly dangerous for the sanitation crew and for the immediate local area.   

Even if the sanitation truck  is safely unloaded without insident at a landfill (i.e no fire or explosion) there are still potential health issues that can affect everyone.  In the open environment of a landfill, the device will start to degrade and begin to leak its contents.  


As the battery deteriorates, the heavy metals become exposed and can leech into the ground and drinking water.   Cadmium can cause renal dysfunction as well as cancer in the prostate, liver, bone marrow and lungs.  Manganese can cause damage to the central nervous and respiratory systems and can cause issues with your eyes and kidneys.  You can see with just these two heavy metals why we would not want them contaminating our environment.

groundwater pollution

At StargateCBD.com, we’ve made a conscience decision to not sell throw away type batteries.  All 510 thread batteries sold on StargateCBD.com are rechargeable, including those from Hamilton Devices like the PB1, Tombstone, Cloak, ilumi, and Cube, the Ccell Palm and Silo and the CalyFx Pen Battery and Pod Battery

We hope that you continue to enjoy vaping and join us in doing so responsibly.  When your vape cartridge battery / device (or any other battery) is no longer usable, please recycle it.  You can find recycle bins at most building centers and big box stores.  You can also visit earth911.com to find a recycle center near you.   

It’s in our hands to make this planet a better place! 

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